La India Packing Co. in Laredo, Texas – A Modest Palace of Spices

Honest Cooking has given La India an honest look at our establishment products and history.

With the use of online magazines growing steadily based on popularity, Honest Cooking has given an insight to readers about La India Packing Co. This international online culinary magazine aims to change and inform readers from around the globe the many interesting foods, beverages, and restaurants the world has to offer. 

This article features La India as a place to visit and stop by in our city Laredo, Texas. Giving a brief history, the article tells of La India's humble origins through current owner Elsa Sanchez's grandfather, Antonio R. Rodriguez. Rodriguez learned remedies from an old native woman in Lapazos de Naranjo, Mexico to remedy soldiers during the Mexican Revolution in the northern border. Eventually settling in Laredo, Texas, the family set up their own establishment selling candies and Mexican hot chocolate which quickly grew into a family business. Now the home serves as La India's headquarters selling the different and unique assortment of spices, authentic Mexican dishes, confectionaries, and curates. 

Easily one of Laredo's longest running businesses and beloved establishments, La India continues to attract attention from people of all places. To read more about the article, click here

A special "Thank you" to Gilda Claudine Karasik for covering the article for La India. 

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